2. New life

Hello everyone! It's been a looong time since I updated, right? Truthfully, I did want to share about my days and all-- I just didn't have the time for it (what a cliche excuse lol). Moving on, the last time I wrote in this blog I was still in my holiday mood after finishing my foundation studies. Now, it has been 1++ month since I became a degree student in UPM. FYI, I am currently in my first year of studies to become a vet. I'm graduating as a Doctor of Veterinary Medicine (DVM) in 5 years time. Pray for my success!

Last weekend, all of the DVM1 students were required to attend the faculty's programs conducted by VETERNAKs. They decided to join the Vet Orientation & Career Week together this year (which is incredible-- more work for them, but they were able to pull of the event successfully! A round of applause to the organisers). I will try to share my experiences- what I did, saw and heard during those 3 days. Bear with my babbles :-)

 Day 1 - 30.9.2016 (Friday)

The event kicks off after everyone has settled down in the auditorium with all DM1 singing the UPM & FPV songs. Funny story, my friends and I were very impressed with how catchy the FPV song is; we actually found ourselves singing to the tunes at ranndom time lol. Right, let's not get side-tracked. Then, the event continues with a speech by Dean of FPV, followed by a simple introduction of FPV lecturers.

Next, comes the career week talk from invited speakers. I personally think these talks are very important to us newcomers as some of us (me) are still clueless on what we can pursue in the future.
Talk by Dr. Ardhy Adnan from DVS-- very informative, I gained a lot of new knowledges from this talk.

Talk by Dr Calvin Cheah from Royal Canin. He's a very funny guy, I liked how he told us the story of how he got into DVM. Again, very informative and inspirational! 

Day 2 - 1.10.2016 (Saturday)

I was taken aback by the fact that it's already October that morning when I woke up! How time flies~~ In the afternoon, my friends and I walked to the faculty right after our Zohor prayers to secure the best seats in the auditorium. Once again, we were very excited to sing FPV's song (by now we've already memorised some of the lyrics to Kejayaan Abadi hehehe). Right after that, the event continues on with the career talk by Dr. Kavitha Jayaseelan from Zoo Negara and Prof. Madya Dr. Goh Yong Meng who is also one of the Associate Professor at the faculty. 

Dr Kavitha's talk includes all of the experiences she went through while working in Zoo Negara. 
Prof. Madya Dr. Goh Yong Meng's talk taught us on how to identify our studying styles so that it'll be easier for us to study in the future (since being in this course is no playing matter :P)

Day 3 - 2.10.2016 (Sunday)

We DVM1 students started off the morning with games organised by the DVM2. It was very fun and memorable because we got to hold worms and frogs at some of the checkpoints. In the picture below, our team has just finished blowing flour off of a plate. Fun times, we definitely bonded through the games :-)

When the games ended, we were let off to eat lunch and perform our prayers. Then we were gathered in the hall again for the career talk and the closing ceremony.
Talk by Dr. Wan Nor Fitri-- very informative! I somehow dozed off for a lil bit during his talk, I was too tired running around here and there during the explorace-- sorry Dr. Wan!

Last but not least, the talk by our one and only Prof. Dato' Dr. Mohamed Shariff. I was soooo focused during his talk due to his way of talking that oozes out charisma and friendliness. He is definitely my favourite speaker for career week talk. I was deeply affected by his speech from the start till the end. I aspire to be like him one day! In this talk too, I suddenly took an interest in aquatic medicine. To date, we have only explored five percent of the ocean and I'm very interested to know what's more in store for us!

Good to know I wasn't the only one knocked out during one of the speeches kekekek (Sorry Izzati!)

To conclude the whole event, I am extremely grateful to everyone that made this event successful. I learnt a lot during those 3 days. One of it being; To be a veterinary doctor is definitely not easy, but it doesn't mean I can't try my best. Like Prof. Dato' Dr. Mohamed Shariff said, "No dream is too big, only the sky is the limit". Therefore, I will try my very best to excel in my studies and hopefully, be a successful aquatic him in the near future :-) 


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