About the blog

You might be wondering what does '내 블로그, 내 스토리' means since it is clearly written on top of the page. Now, I am no expert myself, If you are any good at reading Hangul (Korean alphabets), you would know what it says. Wonder no more my fellow friends, it literally translates to "My Blog, My Story". I will break it down to you so it seems much simpler for you to get the grasp of it. 

            내 = Nae........= My (I won't go into details of informal and formal speech of the Korean culture in case it confuses you)
     블로그 = Belogeu = Blog
            내 = Nae........= My
     스토리 = Seutori   = Story


Right, I hope that solves everything, or maybe not? If you have any questions regarding anything on this blog, you are very welcomed to voice out your curiosity- which I will gladly attend to. This blog will contain my aimless ramblings, song/drama/tv series recommendations (I apologise in advance because 90% of it are kpop/kdramas), honest reviews of products which I have used,  and lots of other unplanned nonsense. Thank you for stopping by!




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